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By day a cheerleader with pom poms
by night a ticking time bomb
for when the moon rises
she is going to be the cause of many surprises
hairs begin to stand
up on her neck
she screams out what the feck?
as painful contractions form in a stomach
leave her flummoxed
as to what it could be
the moon's pale light will make her see
yellow eyes glowing bright
its like she has been possessed
teeth grow sharp
fingers nails split and burst
to reveal the worst, claws first on her hands
then her gym pumps burst to show sharp clawed toes
her dainty little feet have become larger than those
of the others in the cheerleading team
her long blond hair, her good looks ,
she was a dream now she begins to scream
her t shirt bursts to reveal abs of steel
and four more nipples as her breasts expand and pop open her bra
now she knows the scar from the beast that attacked her was not an ordinary wolf
as she falls onto all fours a tail bursts from where her coccyx was and begins to waggle she begins to snarl
and snargle and make all sorts of beastly noises from her throat
she gloated yesterday that she had a great singing voice
it wouldn't be a choice to use it in this way.
As her lips begin to say
All types of swear words between the snarls
She thinks of Carl her boy friend she screams his name
If he knew what was happening would he ever look at her the same?
As Fur spreads like a tide of hairs across her skin
The human is fading the wolf is taking over from within
She pants her tongue lengthens and widens drool dripping from her mouth
Her vagina moistens down south she is aroused
Sexual feelings and the hunger for meat
Her nose becomes a snout there's no going back there's no doubt
She is the beast
she is a silhouette of her former self
her elfin looks replaced by her werewolf needs
as her lust her thoughts of Carl in her head sows the seeds
to giving way to lust and animal passions
Like they were a new trend or fashion
Her skull breaks and reforms
What a joy to be reborn!
she rips what remains of her shirt, skirt and knickers off her hairy body
oddly taking pride in the freedom of her hairy and naked new form
she's going to be alpha female so all you people better hide!
For the werewolf cheerleader is now born!
An amazing piece of writing done by[link] for THE CHEERWOLF WRITERS COMPETITION[link]
I must say again this is not my work, it is the work of [link] a fantastic piece of literature it is too.
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Hookzy Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2011
Thanks for putting it up
inukaglove Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011
Nicely done. I love it. keep up the good work.
THESELFCENTRE Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011
Thanks for the comments,i would love to take the credit for this lovely piece of writing but it was written by the great [link] for my CHEERWOLF COMPETITION.
THESELFCENTRE Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011
Sorry [link]
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